API reference

Loading Data

load(fname[, vox_size, return_type, ...]) Load nifti file, brain or model object, or example data.

Brain data object

Brain([data, locs, sessions, sample_rate, ...]) Brain data object for the supereeg package

Model data object

Model([data, locs, template, numerator, ...]) Model data object for the supereeg package

Nifti data object

Nifti(data[, affine]) Nifti class for the supereeg package.


simulate_locations([n_elecs, set_random_seed]) Simulate iEEG locations
simulate_model_bos([n_samples, locs, ...]) Simulate brain object
simulate_bo([n_samples, n_elecs, locs, cov, ...]) Simulate brain object
create_cov(cov[, n_elecs]) Creates covariance matrix of specified type


tal2mni(r) Convert coordinates (electrode locations) from Talairach to MNI space